Trophy & Award Engraving Service

Transworld Trophies offer you extensive ranges of awards, trophies and gift items, all suitable for bespoke engraving.

We offer four main types of engraving service depending on the product - diamond, laser, glass engraving and colour printing, allowing our team of seven experienced engraving staff to engrave any of the compatible trophies, medals, awards & gift items that we offer.

Diamond engraving service

Diamond engraving machine

Diamond drag engraving can be carried out for you on the majority of the silverware, trophies and pewter gift items featured in our catalogue.

This is a computerised service allowing us to offer you, in its simplest form, high quality, high definition lettering on any of the compatible items, and high quality sporting logos on larger items such as salvers, cups or tankards.

In most cases our ranges of marble based trophy and award products will include a metal engraving plate on the marble base to accommodate your engraving.

Laser engraving service

Laser engraving machine

Our laser engraving service is available on a more elite range of products, and is able to produce a crisper, more detailed result than the diamond engraving.

This type of engraving is very well suited to sporting and corporate logos and produces very high quality and classy corporate awards. This service is an ideal compliment to our extensive range of corporate trophy and award products.

Glass engraving service

Glass sand blasting cabinet

The glass engraving service is specifically targeted at our presentation glassware and 24% lead crystal ranges of awards.

We have a large range of cut glass products for you to choose from, with panels on one side to accommodate your sandblasted designs. These designs can include sports scenes & logos, your corporate logo or other such details.

Sub-surface engraving service

Glass item laser engraved beneath the surface

Introduced in 2009, our encapsulated laser engraving service leverages the latest laser engraving technology to place an image within a block of glass or crystal.

The sub-surface equipment has many of the abilities of the standard laser engraving service, but simply within the glass as apposed to on the surface. It also allows us to layer images within the glass to add a sense of depth and perspective.

Colour printing service

Glass item colour printed on reverse

Introduced in 2011, our Colour Printing service uses the latest in ultra-violet printing technology to print on almost any flat item.

We are able to print full colour logos, images and text making individual and bespoke corporate recognition awards to truely reward success.

Corporate logos

Laser engraved corporate logo

Most Company Logos can be engraved using any of the above services.

The quality of the finished item is dependent on the quality of the logo artwork you supply for engraving.

Vector formats are most suitable for engraving such as EPS, AI, PLT or HPGL, although we can work from bitmap formats such as JPEG or TIFF.

The logo can then be reproduced either on its own, or with some supporting text, such as an employee recognition or service award.